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Seventh working meeting

On Tuesday, 12 December 2023, starting at 1:00 p.m., the seventh working meeting of the DuFAULT project was held at the Department of Geophysics of the Faculty of Science. During the meeting, discussions took place regarding the achieved results, project obligations, current status, and plans for the next and final period of project.

The project leader, Josip Stipčević, initiated the meeting with a report on the evaluation of the second year of the project and the excellent rating received. Tasks for the final phase of the project were defined, and then team members presented their research progress.

Since the last meeting in July, two fieldworks have been conducted (one in July and the other at the end of August), during which inspections and maintenance of temporary seismic stations of the Du-Net network were carried out. Collaborators Helena Latečki and Josip Stipčević presented the results of their collaboration with Dr. Irene Molinari and Helena's professional training at INGV, Bologna, at the international conference SSA 2023 Future Directions: Physics-Based Ground Motion Modeling held in Vancouver from October 10 to 13. Marijan and Davorka Herak published an article titled The Earthquake of 13 April 1850 near Ston, Croatia: Macroseismic Analyses in the journal Seismological Research Letters. Project leader Josip Stipčević is a co-author on the published article titled Referent seismic crustal model of the Dinarides published in the journal Solid Earth.

Tena Belinić Topić presented the latest results of research on the structure of the Earth's crust beneath the Dinarides, Adriatic microplate, and the southwest part of the Pannonian Basin through the analysis of ambient noise and Rayleigh and Love waves. The work is currently in its final stage, and the plan is to submit it for review at the beginning of next year. Additionally, Tena presented the results of Ivana Zonjić's master's thesis on monitoring a series of earthquakes in Berkovići using the template matching method. The thesis was successfully defended on 7 December 2023, and further analysis is planned.

Marin Sečanj presented his latest results on the identification of potential seismogenic faults and modeling the geological structure of the wider Dubrovnik epicentral area. The work is currently in its final stage, and the plan is to submit it for review at the beginning of next year.

Iva Dasović presented revisions to the article titled The Berkovići (BIH) ML = 6.0 earthquake sequence of 22 April 2022 – seismological and seismotectonic analyses, which analyzes the earthquake sequence that began near Berkovići on April 22, 2022, with a local magnitude 6.0 earthquake. After the revisions are made, the article should soon be ready for publication in the journal Tectonophysics.

Helena Latečki provided a brief overview of seismic activity in the research area within the project and reviewed the status and quality of the operation of seismic stations in the Du-Net network. Furthermore, she presented the results of her work on her doctoral dissertation on earthquake shaking scenarios in the wider Dubrovnik area.

Finally, plans for the final period of the project were discussed. A field visit is scheduled for early 2024, and tasks were distributed among the members of the research team which concluded the seventh working meeting.