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  • O1: Data acquisition and establishment of a semi-permanent seismic observatory

    D1: Established research group and purchased basic needed equipment (workstations, data storage, backup-server and data-server).

    D2: Established Du-Net seismic network and data continuously arriving to the main server in Zagreb. All data backed-up at two separate locations.

    D3: Collected existing data about seismicity and structure and preliminary 3D model of the crust created.

    D4: Established continuous monitoring using the ambient seismic noise and seismicity of the Dubrovnik fault system,

    D5: Created new and updated earthquake database with significantly smaller completeness magnitude. All earthquakes in the database relocated and travel times updated.

  • O2: New crustal model of the region

    D1: S velocity crustal model from ambient seismic noise tomography.

    D2: Created structural and P velocity crustal model from existing and newly acquired geologic and geophysical data.

    D3: Created new 3D structural model using results from previous steps and existing geologic data.

  • O3: Application to shaking scenarios, seismic hazard and tectonic interpretation

    D1: Estimated fault structure and seismogenic potential in the Dubrovnik region.

    D2: Earthquake shaking scenario and wave propagation simulation using the result from previous steps.

  • O4: Outreach and future plans

    D1: Doctoral thesis finished.

    D2: Project results presented at the Project Conference/Meeting.

    D3: Submitted application to other sources of funding.