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Field-work report: 10 - 13 July 2023

During the period of July 10th to July 13th, 2023, the members of the DuFAULT project research team, Tena Belinić Topić, Marin Sečanj and Helena Latečki, carried out a regular survey and maintenance of the temporary seismic stations of the Du-Net local seismic network in the wider area of Dubrovnik, which were installed within the HRZZ project DuFAULT. Five temporary seismological stations were visited:

  • DF01 – Ljubinje (BA)
  • DF02 – Bileća (BA)
  • DF03 – Nevesinje (BA)
  • DF04 – Radovčići (Konavle municipality)
  • DF06 – Maranovići (Island of Mljet)

During the survey, all installations and equipment at the mentioned temporary seismic stations were checked and a backup of the recorded data from the communication units was created. Additionally, at the DF01 station (Ljubinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina), communication issues between the station and the main server located in Zagreb were resolved. At the DF06 station (Maranovići, Island of Mljet), antenna was mounted on the exterior wall of the building to enhance the telecommunications signal. Furthermore, a new thermal insulation box has been installed to house the A/D converter, battery, and charger. At the DF03 station (Nevesinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina), a thermal insulation box has also been placed over the sensor.

Through regular maintenance and repairs, continuous data transmission from the temporary seismic stations to the main server located in Zagreb, at the Andrija Mohorovičić Geophysical Institute of the Faculty of Science, is ensured. Constant communication and data transmission from the stations are of utmost importance for data quality verification, locating and analyzing all recorded events.