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Article on the Berkovići (BIH) earthquake sequence has been published in the journal Tectonophysics

Assistant Professor Iva Dasović and members of the DuFAULT project research team, Emeritus Professor Marijan Herak, Professor Davorka Herak, Helena Latečki, Dr. Marin Sečanj, Professor Bruno Tomljenović, M.Sc. Snježana Cvijić-Amulić and Associate Professor Josip Stipčević, have published an article titled The Berkovići (BIH) ML=6.0 earthquake sequence of 22 April 2022 – Seismological and seismotectonic analyses in the journal Tectonophysics (IF 2024 3.66, Q1).

The study investigated the Berkovići (BIH) earthquake sequence which commenced with a mainshock on April 22, 2022, with a local magnitude of 6,0. A detailed analysis of the first nine months of this earthquake series was conducted, and focal mechanisms were calculated for eight aftershocks of larger magnitude. Based on the obtained focal mechanisms and available geological data, a regional seismotectonic cross-section was constructed to delineate a potential seismogenic source of the mainshock. It was determined that the mainshock of the Berkovići series can be attributed to the same composite seismic source as is in the case of the strong earthquake near Ston-Slano of 1996, north-east-dipping blind ramp of the basal thrust of the Dalmatian tectonic unit.

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