Characterization and monitoring of the Dubrovnik fault system

Croatian Science Foundation Research Project IP-2020-02-3960

Second working meeting

The project manager, Josip Stipčević, reminded that the Croatian Science Foundation had approved financing for a doctoral student on the project and that the administrative procedure for opening a public tender to fill the position had already been initiated, and that procedures for hiring postdoctoral researcher and public procurement instruments were underway. Computer equipment was procured for two new associates.

The fieldwork of Josip Stipčević and Iva Dasović in mid-May was also discussed: possible locations and installation of stations in September 2021. For some of the seismic stations, autonomous setup will be prepared and tested which will allow greater freedom in choosing suitable locations.

Geophysical data (seismic profiles, borehole measurements, maps of Bouger anomalies) were collected and the database were trained. Bruno Tomljenović and Marin Sečanj commented the collected data and future steps in the analysis. Given that a significant series of earthquakes began at the end of March 2021 near the island of Palagruža, in the immediate vicinity of the research area, group concluded that it could not be ignored and that the area should be explored; therefore, a framework of the research was set.

Marijan Herak briefly introduced us to the research of sea level changes in the Dubrovnik area conducted by prof. dr. sc. Sanja Faivre from the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Science, in which he participates, which perfectly matches the goals of the DuFAULT project and which will bring new insights for the strong historical earthquakes in the area.

Meeting ended with the conclusion that the project has started well and was progressing according to plan.