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Participation at Srce DEI 2024 Conference

The Srce DEI 2024 Conference was held on April 16, 18, and 19, organized by the University Centre of the University of Zagreb (Srce) in collaboration with the University of Zagreb. The conference was attended by more than 400 participants from the fields of science and higher education, public administration, industry, and international representatives.

Over twenty workshops, more than thirty poster presentations, and six thematic blocks were held. Within the block "Supercomputers in Research and Education: How Can SRCE Help You?", DuFAULT project collaborator Helena Latečki gave a lecture titled "Simulations of the seismic shaking scenarios using the Supek Supercomputer." In her presentation, she demonstrated how the Advanced Computing Service of Srce was utilized to conduct numerical simulations of earthquakes in the wider Dubrovnik area, which is also part of her research and doctoral dissertation.

A detailed report on the conference is available on Srce's website.