Characterization and monitoring of the Dubrovnik fault system

Croatian Science Foundation Research Project IP-2020-02-3960

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Participation at AdriaArray Workshop 2023 and field-work at station DF06

The international meeting AdriaArray Workshop 2023 was held in Dubrovnik on 3 – 5 April 2023 at the Center for advanced academic studies Dubrovnik of the University of Zagreb. The meeting was organized with the support of ORFEUS (Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology) and EPOS (European Plate Observing System) through the EPSO-SP project from the Horizon 2020 program, while the local organiser was the Department of Geophysics of the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb, mainly members of the DuFAULT research team. The objectives of the meeting were to discuss the status of the AdriaArray network of temporary seismological stations and to define research teams, topics and collaborations within the AdriaArray initiative. 90 seismologists, geophysicists and geologists from 22 European countries took part and members of the DuFAULT research team, in addition to organizing the event themselves, presented posters and held lectures at the gathering:

  • Cvijić Amulić, S., Popović Krejić, Lj. (2023) National seismological network in Republic of Srpska/B&H (lecture)
  • HerakM.HerakD.LatečkiH.Belinić TopićT.Cvijić AmulićS.DasovićI.Mustać BrčićM.SečanjM.TomljenovićB.Stipčević, J. (2023) The Berkovići earthquake series (BIH) - preliminary results of seismological research (poster)
  • Kalmár, D., Petrescu, L., Hetényi, G., StipčevićJ., Balázs, A., Bondár, I., Kovács, I.J., the AlpArray and PACASE Working Groups (2023) Receiver function analysis in the circum-Pannonian region: results and plans (lecture)
  • Rajh, G., StipčevićJ., Gosar, A. (2023) Investigations of the Earth’s crust structure in the NW Dinarides using local earthquake tomography method (poster)
  • Stipčević, J. (2023) Introduction - Experiences from receiver function processing in AlpArray (lecture)
  • Šindija, D., Mustać BrčićM.Stipčević, J. (2023) Detection and location of local seismicity in Croatia using machine learning algorithm (lecture)

On Thursday, April 6, members of the DuFAULT research team Josip Stipčević, Marin Sečanj and Helena Latečki visited the temporary seismological station DF06 (Maranovići), which was installed the previous month. Locally recorded data was collected and the instrument functionality was checked. In addition, the station was upgraded with a 4G antenna, which enabled real-time data transmission to the main server in Zagreb.